Food and Beverage

Protect your margins, while gaining a competitive edge

Food and Beverage companies need to look after 3 things. Their tight profit margins, employees and customer experience. Explore our customer success stories to learn how our customers retain and attract talent, reduce operating costs and deliver a better experience to their customers.

Food and beverage with Neptune DXP

Fonterra unlocks real ROI by reducing waste with a Mobilized Maintenance Workforce

Fonterra, the 5th largest dairy provider in the world, shows us how Neptune DXP enables you to beat the cost curve and tackle innovation heads on with a Mobilized Maintenance Workforce.

Whitepaper: Why Devops matters (and the toolset that supports it)

An exploration of the characteristics of high performing DevOps organizations and how having a Rapid Application Development (RAD) platform can really deliver value in a DevOps context. Read this paper to understand the true goal of DevOps, “The ability for organizations to industrialize innovation to drive value”.

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Explore the many success stories with Neptune DXP

Gruppo Montenegro digitizes & streamlines trade promotion management process

Digitizing the trade promotion management process to support and improve centralized planning doesn’t have to be complex or strain your budget. Learn how Gruppo Montenegro created modern, easy-to-use (Fiori) apps that streamlined trade promotions across its spirits and food lines.

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U.S. Sugar modernizing SAP operations and processes with cutting edge technologies

US Sugar implemented mobile and offline ready Neptune DXP (Fiori) applications in one month and are now streamlining equipment maintenance in the field and traceability improvements for their processing plants.

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Global Nutrition Company Glanbia mobilizes its enterprise with Neptune Software

Glanbia talks about their mobile app development efforts and how Neptune Software helped them with their Fiori, UX and enterprise mobility needs, as well as assisting their IT department in becoming a go-to team.

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COOP achieves 50% efficiency gains with low-code

Coop Norge needed to consolidate multiple apps and portals into one single point of entry for all orders. Read how with Neptune DXP they were not only able to achieve this but in the process achieve 50% efficiency gains across its 1,250 retail stores.

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“With Neptune Software, we can deliver highly productive and back-end intensive apps in a third of the time it took with our previous options.”

-Darren Bambrick, Senior Developer at Glanbia

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Food and beverage industry values

Food and Beverage Business Values

Gain a competitive advantage with innovative (Fiori) mobile applications that streamline SAP operational processes and provide a better experience for customers and employees alike!


Provide outstanding products and unsurpassed service that, together, deliver premium value to customers.

Customer Experience

Provide better service through tools like real-time updates, lowered delivery times, better interaction, and targeted user feedback.

Out-of-the-Box Partner Solutions powered by
Neptune DXP for Food and Beverage

The Config Team: Prebilt

With the suite of mobile applications, enterprises have better visibility of stock throughout the supply chain, improved efficiency, and happy operators. This increases the amount of orders processed which helps customers receive their orders faster. Read more about driving real-time supply chain visibility.

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WCS Consulting's IBP
Application Add-Ons

WCS Consulting’s IBP application add-ons “address the gray space” and transform your supply chain network balancing, forecast netting, replenishment, and allocation processes that integrate with SAP Integrated Business Planning (SAP IBP).

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HRC Software

An augmented SAP Solution for Supply Chain and Maintenance businesses. Read out this out-of-the-box solution provides ready to use Web and Mobile applications for Spare Parts, Warehouse, Maintenance, and Procurement businesses.

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Fink IT Solutions: FITS/Plant Maintenance Suite

Achieve greater visibility and improved efficiencies with FITS/Plant Maintenance Suite for SAP PM. Read how you can manage the equipment maintenance process from end to end, delivering: greater visibility, improved efficiency, the ability to manage costs, and easier documentation and compliance.

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ZAG: BlueWorx

Plant Maintenance made easy with BlueWorx, a device agnostic solution for SAP PM. Learn more about how you can remove complexity and empower users with its innovative functionality and geospatial capabilities.

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