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Reduce management time, save money by going paperless, and gain real-time visibility over all processes when you digitize your SAP supply chain with Neptune DXP.

Supply Chain

Low-Code App Development to digitize the Supply Chain

Learn how Neptune Software can help companies mobilize their processes and start their digital transformation journey with our low-code, SAP-centric app development platform – Neptune DXP – empowering IT teams to make business processes up to 10x faster.

Supply Chain

Supply Chain Management Solutions: Going mobile with low-code Whitepaper

Most companies today are still working with SAP processes that are 15 to 20 years old making it impossible to keep up with the competition. Read our whitepaper and learn how you can go mobile with low-code and Neptune DXP!

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Explore the many success stories with Neptune DXP

Hitachi Rail Europe transforms IT & Supply Chain with new business critical apps

Hear how Hitachi Rail Europe is transforming its IT and Supply Chain processes with a new SAP application development and management platform from Neptune Software.

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Ballance Agri-Nutrients automates their supply chain and rapidly builds service center apps

Watch how Ballance Agri-Nutrients used Neptune DXP to automate its SAP processes and build an app to speed up collections and enhance Health and Safety across all its service centers.

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Johnson and Johnson delivered a $1.12 million in annual savings by eliminating printed documents across 16 sites and reduced software maintenance costs by up to 80%

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Supply Chain

Supply Chain Business Values

Mastering the challenges of digitization. The most native SAP IT platform with unlimited possibilities – but above all with easy app development.


Empower workers with easy-to-use applications with out-of-the-box offline capabilities usable in plant locations without strong WiFi.

Agility and Responsiveness

Continuously provide innovative new products, deliver defect-free solutions continuously, and drive new business value.

Watch this quick logistics app demo and see what Neptune DXP can do!

Out-of-the-Box Partner Solutions for Supply Chain

Mygo Consulting: nxEWM

Go digital and mobile to get the increased productivity and efficiency you need to compete in today’s always changing landscape. Read more about their comprehensive extended warehouse management solution for SAP that’s affordable, fast, and makes it easy to go mobile.

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The Config Team: Prebilt

With the suite of mobile applications, enterprises have better visibility of stock throughout the supply chain, improved efficiency, and happy operators. This increases the amount of orders processed which helps customers receive their orders faster. Read more about driving real-time supply chain visibility.

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WCS Consulting's IBP
Application Add-Ons

WCS Consulting’s IBP application add-ons “address the gray space” and transform your supply chain network balancing, forecast netting, replenishment, and allocation processes that integrate with SAP Integrated Business Planning (SAP IBP).

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HRC Software

An augmented SAP Solution for Supply Chain and Maintenance businesses. Read out this out-of-the-box solution provides ready to use Web and Mobile applications for Spare Parts, Warehouse, Maintenance, and Procurement businesses.

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Absoft: Absoft SSP

Improve procurement efficiency and standardization with Absoft SSP, a service procurement solution. Embrace digital transformation today, without the need for a full upgrade. With Absoft SSP manage the complete procurement process with modern, mobile processes.

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We can help with SAP Warehouse and Logistics digitization too!

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