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The utilities industry is constantly evolving, and so are the needs of the end users. Invest in a better customer experience to improve service delivery and increase your pace of innovation.


United Utilities finds a new and better way of supporting SAP mobile asset management and workforce enablement into the future

Watch how United Utilities established Neptune DXP as the go-to solution used across 2,000 field-based engineering staff, alongside SAP and Click Scheduling software systems, and also won the SAP Quality Award for Innovation in 2017.

Whitepaper: Energy companies go digital with low-code

The need to modernize with mobile and digital processes is critical for most enterprises to increase productively and keep up with the competition. In this whitepaper, we explore why low code and no code applications development platforms, like Neptune DX Platform [Neptune DXP], can help companies in their journey to go mobile.

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Explore the many success stories with Neptune DXP

A municipal provider’s mobility roadmap

German utility company, WVV, needed its SAP paper-based PM processes to be transformed into the digital age, enabling work access for maintenance staff to mobile devices. It only took 6 months for WVV to deliver its mobility roadmap and to see that Neptune DXP Fiori Apps fit perfectly in all areas.

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How an electricity producer in Portugal tackled complex operational processes and reduced risk

Electricidade dos Açores S.A, an energy producer in Portugal, partnered with Neptune Software and now succeeds at tackling complex operational processes and reducing risks with an electricity SAP mobile app.

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Vattenfall streamlines workflows and increased predictable maintenance capabilities

Read how Vattenfall is tackling rapid expansion with a unified mobile interface, improved information flow, and streamlined and predictive SAP-based projects and maintenance processes.

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Becour does Cloud Development | Neptune DXP Cloud Success Story

Green energy pioneer, Becour needed a cloud app development platform that would be easily accessible, stable and flexible, future-proof and scale at pace with the company’s growth.

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Hydro Tasmania’s ‘DIY’ rollout of new mobile asset management app

Read how this new SAP mobile asset management solution by our Partner Zag powered by Neptune DXP has led Hydro Tasmania to an environment of less paper and in turn to lower operating costs, well-maintained assets and better business outcomes.

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“How does Sempra Energy spell ‘streamline?’ From 110 applications to 40 in eight months.”

-Swami Balasubramanian, Project Manager at Sempra Energy

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Utilities Apps Business Values

Simplify SAP workflows and processes with applications such as service and work orders, plant maintenance, logistics, sales and distribution, warehouse management, purchasing, and more!



Empower field workers with easy-to-use utilities apps with out-of-the-box offline capabilities usable in even the most remote locations.



Deliver personalized, user-centric experiences with a common and modern UX.

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How low-code applications can enable the utility sector to work mobile

The modernization of mobile and digital processes is crucial for the utility and the general energy sector to address the growing environmental and climate concerns worldwide. Explore how low-code/no-code applications can enable these sectors to work mobile and become a driver of digitization.

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Plant Maintenance apps to boost efficiency!

Neptune DXP provides the right foundation to mobilize your processes quickly and cost-effectively.

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The Energy Sector taking critical steps with low-code

The Energy sector is embracing going digital and successfully making processes mobile with the help of low-code application development platforms like Neptune DXP. Read our latest blog and discover how with the right platform, turning processes mobile can be easy!

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