Low Code solutions are the answer you’re looking for

Low Code refers to a set of tools designed to create applications with minimal coding skills – or how we like to call it “our toolbox for your enterprise”

In today’s society, there is an increased business demand for software solutions but there is a shortage of skilled developers which is a problem. This is where low code development platforms come into play. Low code is a visual approach to software development. It automates every step of the application life process to enable the rapid creation of a multitude of software solutions helping to bridge the gap between business and IT.

Neptune Software can help organizations reduce development and software maintenance costs by up to 80% and reduce TCO by 65% compared to other solutions [we aren’t lying, ask our +600 customers].

What’s the difference between No Code, Pro Code and Low Code and why does it even matter?

Pro Code platforms force you to always build from scratch – recreating the wheel every time you want to create a new application. This makes it nearly impossible to scale and gain speed during the app development lifecycle. Low Code platforms on the other hand preserve the best of your existing infrastructure but also build a strong foundation for enterprise digital transformation. The features of low code platforms shorten the learning curve for developers, utilize your existing in-house skill-set [think of ABAP for example], and reduce overall development time and maintenance costs.

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It is simple – low code platforms enhance the collaboration between business and IT – creating a more open process of building, designing and managing applications.

Neptune Software’s low code approach allows developers to develop applications for new digital touchpoints while maintaining a cohesive user experience [think of Fiori UX within the SAP world]. End-users and the business side can give real-time feedback and input into what they need which makes these applications scalable in fast-paced environments. Coupled with a customer-success centric mission and empowering IT departments to drive real business results, Neptune Software is the perfect fit for companies looking to be successful in a digital era.

“Training was simple, completed in three days, and was very seamless. Our trainers showed us how the low code application development platform worked, gave us access to test data to experiment with, and within a few short hours we were up and running, submitting real data.”

Brendan Docherty, SAP Team Lead at Mercury

Reduced coding. Increased integration. Happy Mobile Users.

Use an app development platform to reduce app coding constraints and simplify integration on any backend, any cloud, any architecture, any device online, or offline.


Develop complex apps fast

You can develop a magnitude of solutions from the basics to the mission-critical at one cost. Bridging business and IT allows for continuous improvements to end-users and the apps are easy to scale on any architecture.


Automate and simplify your entire application lifecycle

Empower more developers throughout your company to contribute to building applications. Keeping agile and responding to feedback quicker creates a strong bond between departments.


Leverage building blocks to easily enable functionality

Utilize in-house development talent and rapidly deliver apps that your business will love. Increased productivity allows for faster decision-making among teams.

See how low code can help transform your IT team into a true innovation powerhouse

Eastman Chemical is transforming plant maintenance with innovative apps

Learn how Eastman went about choosing the right low code platform, the business needs behind the search, finding the perfect vendor through its selection process and how their project was executed.

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Mercury streamlines time management processes on construction sites with bespoke mobile solutions

Mercury took the manual process out of the work and after utilizing Neptune DX Platform enjoy a user-friendly app that allows for no delay in data access with no more paper and no more back and forth phone calls.

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Accelerated productivity. Reduced cost.

Choosing an agile and highly productive app development approach helps in reducing costs and accelerates your business initiatives.


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