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Transition to SAP S/4HANA smoothly without sacrificing your competitive advantage or ability to build business-critical, customized Fiori apps in parallel.

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Low-Code application development with Neptune Software [Bob's Story]

Neptune Software offers with its Neptune DXP, a leading low-code, SAP-centric, enterprise app development platform to digitize and optimize business processes and user interfaces – at scale and with ease.

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Innovate throughout your SAP S/4HANA conversion with the native, sidekick platform approach.

SAP IT leads are facing the urgent dilemma of staying with SAP Business Suite 7 or moving fast to SAP S/4HANA, and many are looking for ways to continue developing modern apps while they migrate or consider their options.

With a sidekick in place, you can renovate existing custom code to maximize their SAP S/4HANA  investments, keep the digital core clean, and make developing consumer-grade apps more flexible. As a result, IT leaders avoid technical debt, keep costs low, meet deadlines and avoid complexity, while maximizing the use of in-house capabilities and maintaining service levels for immediate business needs.

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To keep innovating and servicing business demands during migration, you need a strategic and modern rapid app development platform.

It is key to have an app development platform that reduces complex development steps and enables you to do more in house, in a future-proof way.

“The choosing of the Neptune DX Platform, which also meant choosing Fiori UX, was a perfect fit with the company’s IT strategy.”

-Dr. A. Schliemann, Management Consultant at WVV

Here are some stories from Neptune Software that have proven to help SAP leads…

A guide for systems integrators to power up conversion projects

SAP S/4HANA conversion is set to bring opportunities and challenges. We look at the scale of both, and explore how a ‘sidekick’ platform like Neptune Software helps system integrators maximise the number of successful projects they complete.

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Learn more about Neptune DXP – SAP Edition

Accelerate the creation of full stack, modern business solutions across your SAP landscape, and beyond. Leverage your team’s domain knowledge and SAP expertise with the most native low code app development for every SAP-centric use case.

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Make your SAP S/4HANA a smooth transition

While there’s a buzz about the transition to SAP S/4HANA, it’s still some way off for many organizations, we look at why many decision makers are yet to begin their journey and shares three key reasons why you should start transforming your SAP apps today.

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For many IT departments, migrating from SAP Business Suite 7 to SAP S/4HANA is already underway, but accelerating and simplifying such a long-term project is a challenge.

This video dialogue with our Chief Product Officer and GM for Germany discusses how to make such a large-scale conversion project less painful and looks at how low-code and modern rapid application development (RAD) means IT departments can keep innovating.

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Let us do the heavy lifting

We help you with SAP integration to unify your systems. Use the Neptune DX Platform to open up your SAP systems and develop the apps you need.


Build any app faster

We offer low code, rapid application development with easy drag-and-drop functionality, enabling faster development, code reusability, and easier change management. Leverage our pro-code development area with your choice of UI coding frameworks, including REACT, Vue, and NPM.


Fully SAP Compatible

Neptune DXP is compatible with SAP versions going back nearly a decade—from SAP NetWeaver® 7.01 to SAP S/4HANA® and SAP Cloud Platform (SCP). So, no need to upgrade your current SAP systems to create optimal, future-proof Fiori apps that move business and innovation forward.


Build once, deploy anywhere

We cater to all clients (iOS/Android/Windows10/WebClient) and devices. Without having to build multiple apps, developers can provide an excellent user experience for employees and customers alike.


Integrate anything

We are an API-driven platform enabling developers to create front-end apps and integrate with any available public or enterprise API. We support oData and are certified by SAP for our unique capability to create APIs from SAP.


Any Cloud or On-Premise

Neptune DXP is cloud agnostic, giving you the flexibility to host your platform using public or private cloud, on-premise, or a combination. Neptune DXP can exist in a Docker container, can be orchestrated with Kubernetes, and includes support for Cloud Foundry.


Design and orchestrate processes

With a drag-and-drop workflow capability, developers can design and automatically integrate processes across your back-end systems. They can be consumed in apps or via machine-to-machine for scenarios such as RPA or AI. You can also create a micro-services architecture.

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