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Staying competitive in today’s Oil and Gas industry starts with upgrading the user experience. Improve your plant’s productivity and processes, accelerate decision making, and boost revenues with a modern mobile UX that’s easy to build and deliver.

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Low-Code app development for the energy sector

Learn how Neptune Software can help oil & gas and energy companies start their digital transformation journey with our low-code, SAP-centric, app development platform – Neptune DXP – empowering your IT teams to make business processes up to 10x faster.

Whitepaper: Oil & Gas and Energy companies go digital

Read our whitepaper and explore why low code applications development platforms, like Neptune DX Platform [Neptune DXP], can help oil & gas and energy companies in their journey to go mobile.

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Explore the many success stories with Neptune DXP

Vattenfall streamlines SAP workflows and increased predictable maintenance capabilities

Read how Vattenfall is tackling rapid expansion with a unified mobile interface, improved information flow, and streamlined and predictive SAP-based projects and maintenance processes.

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Hydro Tasmania’s ‘DIY’ rollout of new mobile asset management app

Read how this new SAP mobile asset management solution by our Partner Zag powered by Neptune DXP has led Hydro Tasmania to an environment of less paper and in turn to lower operating costs, well-maintained assets and better business outcomes.

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Open Grid Europe channels enterprise SAP portal into the future

Read how one of the biggest natural gas transmission system operators in Europe developed over 200 apps in less than 5 months, and created efficient, secure, and modern ways to take advantage of future-oriented UI in the process.

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Renewable energy provider Statkraft creates “A Mini ERP system in your pocket”

In this case study, we share how the international renewable energy provider creates “a mini ERP system for your pocket”, simplifying the SAP user experience and delivering mobile capabilities to over 600 employees – across devices and operating systems.

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Becour does Cloud Development | Neptune DXP Cloud Success Story

Green energy pioneer, Becour needed a cloud app development platform that would be easily accessible, stable and flexible, future-proof and scale at pace with the company’s growth.

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“Perhaps most importantly, users now see that it’s [possible to tackle complex SAP business processes easily, leading to one user calling the system ‘a mini ERP system in your pocket’.”

-Ronny Olaisen, Senior Maintenance Specialist at Startkraft

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Oil & Gas and Energy Business Values

Simplify SAP workflows and processes with applications such as service and work orders, plant maintenance, logistics, sales and distribution, warehouse management, purchasing, and much more!



Streamline business agility and productivity with low barriers of entry and learning curves.



Reduce integration challenges and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Out-of-the-Box Partner Solution powered by Neptune DXP for Oil and Gas

Combine the power of your ERP system with modern mobility for seamless service across the entire supply chain for oil & gas companies with Implico’s Partner Solution CTI Cloud. A flexible, scalable, and secure architecture that enables employees to benefit from easily consumable data visualizations that combine ERP data with real-time field activity.

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