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Today’s retail companies need to deliver unparalleled service and goods, quickly. Gain a competitive advantage with a modern mobile UX that’s easy to build and boosts employee productivity and satisfaction.


Elkjøp optimizes in-store B2B and B2C sales with Neptune DXP

Retail giant Elkjøp used a single development platform to pair Azure microservices with SAP to create a custom mobile app to modernize its retail processes.

Whitepaper: A practical guide for CIOs on how to deliver retail innovation successfully today.

This paper offers a practical guide on what fundamental pillars are needed to deliver against the Omnichannel challenge. What are the elements, a CIO needs to ensure are in place, in order to be able to deliver products and services which help a retail organization achieve business agility with low code.

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Homebase speeds up SAP application modernization using low-code

Homebase rapidly developed a mission-critical click-and-collect app to keep stores operational during the pandemic and paves the way for digital transformation.

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SAP application modernization

COOP achieves 50% efficiency gains by utilizing SAP Fiori and Neptune Software's low-code, SAP-centric, platform across its 1,250 retail stores

Coop Norge needed to consolidate multiple apps and portals into one single point of entry for all orders. Read how with Neptune DXP they were not only able to achieve this but in the process achieve 50% efficiency gains across its 1,250 retail stores.

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Jollyroom increases Inbound efficiency by 195% and makes SAP Warehouse Management look easy

Watch how Jollyroom doubled their inbound handling while increasing the overall quality, improving and expediting the handling of returns, and most importantly, how they now deliver customer orders faster and in a more automated way–simplifying the way they work.

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Gruppo Montenegro digitizes and streamlines trade promotion management process

Digitizing the trade promotion management process to support and improve centralized planning doesn’t have to be complex or strain your budget. Learn how Gruppo Montenegro created modern, easy-to-use apps that streamlined trade promotions across its spirits and food lines.

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“We wanted to give the company the right information at the right time in the right way, that was only possible with apps created on Neptune DXP”

-Lorenzo Chiari, Information Systems Service Manager at Gruppo Montenegro

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Retail Business Values

Simplify and improve operations, and give managers and associates easy online and offline system access whenever and wherever they need.


Provide outstanding products and unsurpassed service that, together, deliver premium value to customers.


Provide customers with multiple, personalized touchpoints that enable them to allocate their time and money according to their preferences.

Customer Commitment

Develop relationships that make a positive difference in customers’ lives.

Out-of-the-Box Partner Solutions powered by
Neptune DXP for Retail


Modernize your point-of-sales retail operations with a simplified enterprise POS system. EINR’s Partner Solution, POSBE, modernizes point-of-sale retail operations for large retailers, making it easy to access data on SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, or any other backend system and deliver the superior experiences customers demand.

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The Config Team: Prebilt

With the suite of mobile applications, enterprises have better visibility of stock throughout the supply chain, improved efficiency, and happy operators. This increases the amount of orders processed which helps customers receive their orders faster. Read more about driving real-time supply chain visibility.

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HRC Software

An augmented SAP Solution for Supply Chain and Maintenance businesses. Read out this out-of-the-box solution provides ready to use Web and Mobile applications for Spare Parts, Warehouse, Maintenance, and Procurement businesses.

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